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what we do

Aura is a decentralized, end-to-end employment network with a mission to match the world’s best talent with the right career opportunities to create synergistic workplaces within the new industries like crypto.

Grounded on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Aura brings efficiency, transparency, validity and opportunity to the global workplace.

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Reasons to Join a Blockchain Startup

batter salaries

Better Salaries

Across the board in both technical and non-technical roles, criptocurrency startup salaries beat the industry norm by about 10-20%.

remote flexibility

More Remote Flexibility

Working in the cryptocurrency industry improves your chance of being able to land a remove gig by 22 percent.

employee liquidity

Employee Liquidity

From an equity perspective, employees get the liquidity benefits of working at a public company with the high upside potential of working at a startup.

we guarantee

Aura is fully transparent ethereum-based network of professionals designed to reach their highest potential inside the global workplace.


Tools for effecient work

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We provide payments with own MYAURA tokens. Transparent transactions on the blockchain and smart contracts ensure trust in remote teams.


aura tokens

How to use MUR tokens?

01 Got paid by companies or through challenges
02 Spend on your professional development: Education or events
03 Convert to FIAT